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Acoustic Cardiograph

the acoustic cardiograph (ACG)The Acoustic Cardiograph (ACG) was invented by the renowned Dr. Royal Lee, who was also the founder of Standard Process Labs and whole food nutritional supplements. In the 1930’s-50’s doctors were trained to diagnose many disease processes by listening to the heart tones. The rhythm, rate, and tone of the heart all relate to the health and status of other organs. Much like an acupuncturist diagnosing by feeling the pulse at your wrist, naturopathic doctors diagnosed by listening to the high, low, sharp, dull, or bounding sounds of the heart. Dr. Lee created a listening device called the Electro Cardiograph to put onto paper a graph of what the doctors were diagnosing by listening. This current, more sensitive device is the acoustic cardiograph, or ACG. Dr.Letitia will utilize both the cardiograph analysis as well as listening to your heart with the stethoscope to monitor your nutritional and digestive progress.

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IridologyIridology, or Iris Diagnosis, is a way to look at the fibers of the eyes and determine weakness, ulceration, or inflammation of organ tissues. This is an old technique that is often misunderstood. A practitioner cannot diagnose a disease such as lung cancer by looking in someone’s eyes. However, what can be seen is an inflammatory process or irritation in that area in the iris which corresponds to the lung tissue of the body. There are areas of the iris (the colored part of the eye)which correspond to the different parts of the body. For example: by seeing loose or gapping iris fibers in the liver area it is then determined that there is liver irritation or inflammation. By identifying weak areas of the metabolism a treatment protocol can be developed for each individual person based upontheir needs. Both doctors at Windorose Clinic perform this important diagnostic analysis.

Learn about our other Diagnostic Techniques.