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Interactive Food Lists – [New] Custom food list specific to your individual food intolerances.

Here are some other links that we would like to share with you:

Song of Health – Is a website dedicated to offering subscribers further information on food groups and their derivatives in order to help everyone avoid their specific food intolerances.

Wheat Montana – A wonderful place to find natural grains as well as bread making resources and a reasonable small hand grain mill.

Azure Standard – Here you can order a catalog filled with products from many reputable companies. Orders for Azure standard can be placed at Humble Earth; a new store in town located at 4726 N. Oak, 509-326-4479.

Fresh Abundance – Spokane’s only home delivery service of organic produce. Fresh Abundance also supplies eggs, coffee, and more.

Shop Natural – Online shopping source for natural and organic products.

Grain & Salt Society – This is where you can buy Celtic Sea Salt, salt grinders, and more.

Organic Consumers Association – Campaigning for food safety, organic agriculture, fair trade and sustainability. The “Green Directory” has a search engine to find stores throughout the nation.

Travel Organic – A travelers guide to organic choices.

Aubrey Organics – 100% Natural Hair, Skin & Body Care.

AANP – The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians; a resource for finding a qualified doctor in your area.

Whole Foods Market– national chain stores in 24 states

Trader Joe’s – Neighborhood Grocery Stores with Foods and Beverages from the Exotic to the Basic. This site includes a search engine to find retail outlets for healthy foods across the country.

Wild Oats Market – This site is the link to several reputable chains of stores not only in the United States but also in Canada. Included in their stores are:

  • Wild Oats Natural Marketplace
  • Henry’s Marketplace
  • Sun Harvest
  • Capers

PCC Natural Markets – looks like mostly Western Washington

Mrs. Greens – Newy York and Conneticut

Organic Kitchen – listings of many national chains

Rainbow Blossom – stores in Kentucky

Market of Choice – looks like mostly Oregon

Erewhon Market – looks like an online store

Food Intolerance Lists

View custom food list, with only items you can eat. Look for a specific food item on the full list. How is it possible that companies do not have to list all the ingredients on the packaging? Manufacturers only need to list the finished product as an ingredient in their food. Often they are not even aware of food additives.…