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Food Intolerance Lists

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How is it possible that companies do not have to list all the ingredients on the packaging?

Manufacturers only need to list the finished product as an ingredient in their food. Often they are not even aware of food additives. For instance, they only need to list flour as an ingredient in their pasta. They are not required to know – or list – that citric acid (a fruit derivative) may have been added to the flour to enhance shelf life!

Food processing, handling and packaging can all contribute to evaluation results. Individual personal health differences may cause various reactions to foods, whether they are an intolerance for you or not.

How you feel after you eat a food is what is important. Avoid any food that does not agree with you.

Disclaimer – This list of foods is for patient information only and is not intended to be used to question manufacturing practices or dispute product quality. Food processing, handling, and packaging will affect the test results.

Please, DO NOT call the companies or manufacturers to question their ingredients. Instead call us here at the Windrose Clinic if you have any questions or have updates to the food list.

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