Windrose Clinic

The Bowen Method

Dr. Letitia Dick learned the Bowen Technique from Dr. Oswald Rentsch of Australia. This manipulation is a gentle maneuver of the muscles and tendons at particular acupuncture points which allows blood flow to normalize in injured tissue. When this is performed, the body can realign itself and more readily heal an injury. The quicker a Bowen manipulation can be accomplished following an injury the more dramatic the result. For example, a sprained ankle can be corrected with Bowen immediately. There will be little or no swelling or pain within 15 minutes of the adjustment and the person can then walk normally. This is a normal result of Bowen therapy.

Long standing conditions such as dislocated hips, frozen shoulders, or misplaced temporal mandibular joints of the jaw have been quickly corrected without long hours of physical therapy or surgery. For more information on Bowen Manipulation you many contact the international Bowen association on-line at

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